Thursday 2 March 2017

20 Facts About Me

Seeing as my blog is still a baby, I thought a great idea would be to do a 20 facts about me post, so you can get to know me better! 😊

1. My favourite colour is green, I love it! Its part of the colour scheme in my room, I have so many pieces of clothing that are green, and its just my favourite colour!

2. I am a licensed ear piercer. As I work at Claires Accessories its part of the job, but I have trained, got my license and I am now an ear piercer. Which I love because I love piercings, I actually have 13 piercings so far.

3. My favourite dish is Spaghetti Bolegnese, but I love Italian food in general. But this dish is just everything, my mum makes the best bolegnese!

4. I love horror films. I can watch them on my own, I know weird haha? But I just love them, wether that be a gore fest or a thriller.

5. I love travelling and my dream is to travel to as many places as possible, but I'm sure most people do. I have already travelled to America, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Greece and so many other beautiful countries. I am so so lucky.

6. I have 3 younger sisters. They are 17, 15 and 7, and even though they irritate the life out of me, I love em'!

7. I am 20 on March 11th. I am getting so so so old! 👵

8. I am currently studying Media and Culture at Leeds Trinity University. University is a hit and miss topic for me, but I am plodding on and working my bum off!

9. Autumn is my favourite season by far, with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas, yes its a winner over Summer for me. But I do love a little bit of sunshine, but in the UK its not that easy to get.

10. I am currently learning to drive, I didn't do it straight away because I was so scared of driving but now I am confident and excited about getting on to the road.

11. Favourite film by far is Step Brothers, its just amazing and I love it millions!

12. Peter Kay is my all time favourite comedian, I have seen him live, I've watched all his DVD's and TV series' including Phoenix Nights, Max and Paddy, That Peter Kay Thing and Car Share! Oh I just love him, he's hilarious!

13. I am from Manchester, born and raised (WOW that was cringe). But yeah, I am from Manchester.

14. My nickname is Tavish to my family (blog is named after it) and it is a nickname from me being a  baby. How I got it is a long story and is actually in my about me page, so go check it out!

15. I strongly believe in everything happens for a reason. Even though some things might not go the way you want them too, I believe its meant to happen for something better.

16. I am in a relationship. We've been together 7 months and he is fab.

17. I prefer savoury to sweet regarding foods. I have never had a sweet tooth, I am all about that savoury taste.

18. My Dad lives in Singapore for work. He's over there with his wife and I do miss him but he's been working away my whole life so I'm used to it.

19. I love pugs! To be honest, I love dogs, but when I eventually get my own dog it'll be a pug, I've loved them since I was so young!

20. I'm obesessed and I mean obesessed with Harry Potter! I've read the books, watched all the films 100's of times! Been to the parks in Universal Orlando and the studio tour in London. I love it.

So there you go thats 20 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed and if you did, let me know and I'll know to do more facts about me posts.
Thankyou for reading! Cyaaaaaaaaaa 💕💫💁

Amy Shipley

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