Tuesday 13 February 2018

Fun and Affordable Last Minute Date Ideas

Hey there everyone!
Valentines Day is like literally tomorrow, and if like me you have completely forgotten about it but still want to make it somewhat special, I am here to help! Now you should love your other halves everyday, that's a given, haha! Would be a tad odd if you only loved your other half one day a year! But I personally think it's lovely to have a day solely dedicated to telling someone and expressing how much you love them. And it doesn't have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be your best friend, family, your dog! Haha, I remember my Mum used to always get me and my sisters Valentines Day cards and a little chocolate or a single rose, the absolute cutie pie. And it doesn't have to cost you much, thinking about it, nothing at all really, it entirely depends on you. Because if your anything like me, I love LOVE buying others gifts and sometimes I can go a little cray cray.

But Valentines Day is also another excuse to spend quality time or do something with your other half, so I thought I'd conjure up a few cheap and cheerful date ideas that will make you as a couple happy and most importantly keep your bank balance happy.


I love pizza. Literally, I think 90% of you reading this will relate to the love of pizza. But I do think ordering or making a pizza and putting a film on is just lovely and my perfect idea of a cosy night with my other half. So of course you could order pizza from a local pizzeria or grab a cheek Dominoes, as they often do okay meal deals. But lets be real guys, Dominoes damages our bank balances, despite how yummy it is. Well I have an alternative! ASDA pizza's, not the frozen ones, but the ones you can create yourselves. And get this, for the Valentines period, they have heart shaped pizza bases! And you can customise your own pizza, a 10" is around £2.50! And just think you can go to ASDA, make your pizzas together, grab a bottle of wine or some extra nibbles and your set! Get home, chuck your food in the oven, flick a film on, and bobs your uncle (it's a northern saying for doing something good, haha, I'm not crazy). It's cheap, cheerful, yummy and cosy!


Now I know what your thinking! "Amy THE CINEMA IS NOT CHEAP". Well my lovelies, it has become more affordable. At various VUE cinemas (I'm not sure if they're all doing this), they have cinema tickets priced at £4.99, for any time and any film. And if you compare this price to the previous price of around £11-£14, this is amazing! And then you also may say "But Amy, I'll have to take out a loan to get any snacks". Well for that I have two options. At the moment, VUE are also doing 3 food or drinks items for £10.99, so two drinks and a popcorn, sorted! And you can size up all your snacks for an extra £1! So all together it will cost you around £20 for your cinema tickets and snacks, which isn't too bad! Or you can bring your own snacks! Please don't be paying £3.49 for a bag of fruit pastels guys! So if you fancy movie night but want to get out of the house, try this out!


This idea does depend on whereabouts you live. So for me I live just outside Manchester. So I can easily access mini golf and bowling last minute, so I apologise if this isn't realistic last minute, but all these ideas aren't restricted to Valentines Day, they are for whenever you like. So with bowling my nearest is AMF Bowling, and me and Oliver (my boyf) love bowling. And you can have a couple of games, because I think one is over too quick! And have a few drinks and some nachos or something! I love doing this! And mini golf is another good one, so a few good ones in Manchester are of course Junkyard Golf, they do crazy cocktails, its a good atmosphere and the courses are mental, and I know they've just expanded so it's even bigger! There is also one in the Trafford Centre, it's jungle themed and right in the food court so you can grab a bite to eat after. But yeah, fun activities like that are always a good date idea!


I don't know about you, but Oliver and I are always tagging each other in them crazy but yummy food recipe videos on Facebook, one of our favourite pages is one called 'TASTY'. And I think it's a good idea too cook together for a date idea but to make something you've both drooled over on a video is amazing. So meals like meatball stuffed garlic bread, or fajita covered fries, just yummy meals like that. So if your a foodie and like experimenting with all your favourite foods, this maybe ideal for you and it's a laugh!


Lets whip the Monopoly out and get competitive. I think a games night would be a perfect idea along with a good takeaway or nice homemade grub! Monopoly is an obvious choice, but you have to be committed to a game of that. But any board game would do! But I love getting the Nintendo Wii out and playing silly games like Wii Sports or Mario Kart! It's such a laugh and again cheap and cheerful and could brighten your day after a miserable day at work! But yeah, anything from board games to a multi player game on the Wii, PS4 or XBOX. You've got yourself a good night!

So there a few last minute date ideas, and like I said earlier these are ideas for all year round, not just Valentines Day. I hope this helped, and please leave me your ideas down below! I have a post up already on affordable date ideas that aren't really last minute, so have a nosy at that if your interested!
Have a wonderful Valentines Day whether you celebrate it, not bothered about it, single, in a relationship, whatever!

Thankyou for reading!

Amy x 
Amy Shipley

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