Monday 6 March 2017

My travel diary - Singapore

I have been very fortunate enough to travel to many different places, including Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, Paris, Brussels and many places in Spain, Greece, Turkey and many more. So I thought it'd be a nice change and nice blog post to share some of the trips I have had, with pictures and activities that I did on my trips. I'll do seperate blog posts for each trip. So I am first going to start with Singapore. I travelled to Singapore last August to go visit my Dad, we stayed for 3 weeks, he lives and works there, so we went to see him and it was a holiday for us too. I went along with my two younger sisters. I have been before once on my own, but my sisters had never been to Singapore before, but we all loved it and had an amazing time!

One of the first things we did in our first couple of days is go on a boat trip. The boat took us through Singapore and it had tour guides that told us of the history of Singapore and about certain landmarks, it was really interesting. But it was so so hot! Singapore is a hot country but the heat this day was ridiculous, but none the less we had a good time on the boat trip. It wasn't expensive and the views were just out of this world. And I did have really dark hair on this trip and looking back on it now I hate it but I do get it done towards the end of the trip.

Me (right) and my sister Bronwyn on the boat trip!

The views were unreal!

The next day out we had was going to Universal Studios Singapore, oh my god it was amazing! I've been to Universal Studios Orlando, and it isn't as good as that one (just because it didn't have Harry Potter world, hehe!). But its still amazing! We got the fast track passes, which helped so much, you could run on and off and back on rides. My favourite ride is either Shrek 4D, its just brilliant and a classic in Universal Studios or Battlestar Galatica, which is two rollercoasters that kind of go in and out of eachother. There's one where your feet are dangling, and the other is just a standard sit down one, but it shoots you up, its great! Oh and I love The Mummy ride, it is an indoor rollercoaster, it was my favourite from Florida too. The atmosphere is amazing too, the rides are good but it was visually stunning, so much detail goes into each bit of the park. Also on this day we went when there was a huge waterfight event. So basically the park offered waterguns for a couple of dollars, and they had barrels of water in this wet zone area and you was just in a huge water fight with other people in the park, characters etc. It was brilliant fun!

Universal Studios!

Universal Stuidos!

Shreks Swamp

Far Far Away

The water fight event!

 It was national day whilst we was out there! It was on the 9th August, and it is a day to celebrate Singapores independance, and it was the 51st anniversary. It is a huge event in Singapore, everyone comes together and different events are on, it is amazing. We went to a rooftop bar with my Dad, his wife and all his friends and their families, and we had drinks and food and watched the fireworks from the rooftop bar which was very high! As you'll see from the images. There's a cocktail called The Singapore Sling, and it obviously from the name originated from Singapore, it's lush and a must try if your ever in Singapore.

Views from the rooftop bar

Me and my sister Bronwyn

Singapore Sling

The Gold Class cinema is certainly a thing I recommend doing while in Singapore. Gold Class cinema is basically a screening room, but theres only around 40 seats and they're all comfy reclining chairs, with pillows, blankets, and you get a table between you, because the chairs are in pairs and you push a button and you can have a drink or sweets or food brought to you. We went to go see Suicide Squad when we went and it really does make a cinema trip feel so exciting and different. We went to the one in Vivo City.

Me and my sister Bronwyn in Gold Class cinema

Singapore Zoo is definitely a day out that should be on the top of your list, its brilliant. It's so much more open, the monkeys swing in the trees above where you walk, there's little lizards moving among you on the floor, and there's hardly any cages, obviously the animals are kept so your safe from lions for example, but the animals aren't caged up. We got the oppurtunity to see baby Orangutans and feed the Giraffes, it was so good and an amazing experience. Again it was very very hot, but it was an amazing day! Also relating it too animals, another day we went to the S.E.A aquarium in Sentosa, which is a huge resort, that is where Universal Studios is as well as other activity places. But S.E.A aquarium is one of the biggest in the world I believe. It was so good, I love fish and sea creatures, and there was all sorts, fish, sharks, octopus', starfish etc. Again on a seperate day we also went snorkling with little fish and sea critters in Adventure Cove waterpark, we also went on the slides and all that but I thought I'd keep all the animal related activities and stuff together.

Don't worry this isn't a real tortoise! Haha!


Feeding giraffes!

S.E.A Aquarium

Snorkling with the fishies!


Finally on one of our last days we spent the day doing activities in Sentosa Resort, we ziplined over Sentosa, we did Indoor Skydiving, Surfing and had a trip to Madame Tussauds. It was a fun packed day! They was all so close together so we was able to do them all in one day! The zipline was so high but so much fun, you land on a little island on the beach. The indoor skydiving was immense, the tunnel was huge! And it has inpired me to do a real skydive! The surfing was difficult but fun, it wasn't in the sea, it was on like a simulator, but I'd 100% recommend giving it a try! To be honest, I'd recommend giving everything a try!

Travel in style around Sentosa

Zipwiring over Sentosa

Madame Tussauds. ET PHONE HOME

I was so brave with this

Indoor Skydiving
So thats as much as I can pack into todays blog post, I could literally write so much more, if you want another part to this, let me know! I could write about food etc. Also if you like these travel diaries let me know and I'll keep doing them! Thankyou so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading!
Cyaaaaaa 🙈💙👽
Amy Shipley

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