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Thursday 4 June 2020

Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore

Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore

Hey guys!

Hope your all doing well and keeping safe. I am really missing writing travel content at the moment, and of course with things being the way they are at the moment the prospect of travelling seems to be bleak to say the least. We actually had a trip to Bali booked for May and that was unfortunately cancelled, however we both knew that it was going to happen and we of course knew there were bigger issues going on in the world as well as the country we live in so we didn't dwell on it too much, but of course we were both really gutted. Thankfully we got our money back and we both said holidays can be re-booked so it just means we'd be having a little travel break.
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Amy Shipley

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Drunk Elephant Skincare Review

Drunk Elephant Skincare Review

Hello everyone! It's been a while, hope your all doing well and keeping safe through these crazy and unprecedented times.
Whilst being in lockdown, one thing I have been focusing on more than I normally do is my skin and how I can improve on my skincare routine, and thats when I came across making a Drunk Elephant order.
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Amy Shipley

Sunday 26 January 2020

My Current Skincare Saviours

My Current Skincare Saviours

I've always loved skincare, trying new products, trends and giving my skin the tlc it needs and frankly deserves. I feel like its such an important step for me as I love to wear make-up and I used to wear it quite often, more so than I do now, so it was important to me to look after my skin. So I am here with a little post abut my current skincare saviours, some have been staples for me for years and some are brand new finds that I have fallen in love with.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser 

I received some Kiehl's skincare for Christmas which I was extremely grateful for, as I have heard amazing things about their products, and I know my mum is obsessed with their skin products. I have been using this facial cleanser for around a month and I absolutely love it, I use this when I am either in the shower or just before I am doing my full skincare routine. It leaves my skin feeling amazing, and helps get rid of any makeup that may still be clung to my skin. I use this every other day as I try not to overpower my skin with too much product, but all in all I'm really enjoying it and can tell a difference already in the way my skin looks. 

This product retails for around £14-16 dependent on where you shop, but I'd definitely have a look into gift sets so you can have a try at a few products and you normally end up saving a bit of money that way too.

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel

I absolutely love this product, I only use it maybe once or twice a week at most but its been a staple for me for a long time. All you do is pump a little bit of product on your finger and rub into the skin and it helps get rid of any impurities and dead skin and it leaves your skin glowing. After you rub it in for a couple of minutes and then rinse your face it also leaves your skin feeling so so soft. I would definitely recommend!

This product retails for £18.50 at The Body Shop, but I'd always keep an eye out for events and offers they do as they always have something on! And this could again save you a few pennies.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

This is my staple skincare product, I bloody love this stuff! I use this in an evening wether I have makeup on or not and every morning, as it refreshes my skin and makes me feel so much better, as I can get quite oily skin so this really helps to control this. It's great for taking off makeup and is super easy, and I have tried many micellar water and none has beaten the Simple Micellar Water for me.

I usually stock up on mine at Bodycare as its only around £2-3 and I can pick up my cotton pads for like 90p! I find products like this in Boots and Superdrug can be slightly more expensive unless they have an offer on.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner

Again, I have been really enjoying these Kiehl's products and the toner is lovely, I'll use it after I have gone over my face with micellar water and it helps pick up any dirt or makeup that I didn't get with the water and it feels like it really hydrates my skin. I don't tend to use this religiously every night as I can always tell when my skin needs a break from product, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Again this products ranges from around £15-£17, but it all depends where your shopping at!

The Bodyshop Face Masks

I absolutely love these face masks, they are a weekly treat for my skin and I change up which one I use depending on how my skin is. My top favourites are the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, this is for when my skin is not feeling the best and I have a few breakouts and it really helps to bring all the impurities out and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Polishing Mask, this is probably my all time favourite, I use this as a scrub and rub it into my skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse and my skin always feels amazing after. And finally I love the Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Soothing Mask, which is just a lovely mask to use to really soothe and hydrate your skin, and it smells delicious! 

These masks are quite pricey as they retail for around £18 but I feel they're so worth it, but one thing you can do is pop in and get recommended a certain mask for your skin type and they normally give a free sample for you to try before you buy! Also on the topic of masks, the sheet masks are also amazing!

Botanics Illuminating Radiance Balm

I got this product in my advent calendar and I absolutely love it! I will use this in the mornings and alternate between this and my Kiehl's moisturiser, but this one really helps to give a radiance to my skin and I definitely need that in a morning when I wake up looking like Gollum. That's what I love about advent calendars or monthly beauty boxes as you find products that you probably wouldn't second look at!

I've had a nosy and this is only £5.99 and you can grab it at Boots.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Final Kiehl's product and that is a moisturiser, I use this in a morning alternating with my Botanics Radiance Balm and every night and I can honestly say I can see such a difference in my skin. It looks and feels so much more hydrated and it hasn't caused me any outbreaks and is working well with my oily skin. You only need a little pea sized amount and that does the job, but another moisturiser I love which isn't too pricey is the Simple Moisturiser. I will sometimes go back to this if I am quickly popping a little bit on or before I apply makeup but an alternative if you don't want to splash out!

The moisturiser retails for around £20-£25 which is so expensive but I would definitely re-purchase as it has worked amazing for my skin.

No7 Eye Cream & Lip Care

I also got these in my Christmas Advent Calendar and they are now a staple in my skincare routine, I use my eye cream every morning and night and have noticed my eyes look so much brighter and my panda eyes are slowly fading away. And the lip cream I use every so often if my lips are feeling a little bit meh, as I use my Burts Bees lip balm daily, but its a lovely treat for my lips every so often.

Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturiser

Its not only important to take care of your skin on your face but all over your body, and I have been absolutely loving using these Vaseline products for years, I use the spray one and the normal moisturiser one. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and soft and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky which I love, as I moisturise every night and can get straight into bed and not feel icky. But I absolutely love these moisturisers and they smell fab!

Let me know your favourite products and if you've tried any of the products featured in this post!

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Amy Shipley