Tuesday 13 November 2018

My Tips On Booking A Florida Holiday

Hello everyone!
So today I thought it'd be a great time to give my tips and tricks on booking a Florida holiday, as I get questions about it all the time and it is exactly 200 days until I am off to Florida again, so I got excited and thought "yay" lets talk all things Florida, haha. I have done various Florida holidays so to speak, so I have stayed in the Disney resorts and I have also stayed on International Drive etc, so I feel I could help with people who would rather do a full on Disney holiday or those who want to do a bit of everything and be central to that etc. Of course I am only here to give my personal tips and talk about my own experiences and I hope it helps some of you achieve booking that dream holiday the best way for you, but I am in no way an expert.
So I am lucky enough to have been to Florida three times soon to be four, I have been twice with family and once with my boyfriend, but soon to be twice, yay! And like I previously stated I will try and cover all different Florida holidays and hopefully there will be something for everyone. So without further or do lets jump into it. Eeeek I love talking about Florida.
Amy Shipley