Tuesday 26 May 2020

Drunk Elephant Skincare Review

Hello everyone! It's been a while, hope your all doing well and keeping safe through these crazy and unprecedented times.
Whilst being in lockdown, one thing I have been focusing on more than I normally do is my skin and how I can improve on my skincare routine, and thats when I came across making a Drunk Elephant order.

I have heard a lot about Drunk Elephant, more so through bloggers I follow on Instagram but I had never really looked into what they offer and what their brand stands for, so while being in lockdown I started to have a nosy! I ended up making my order on Cult Beauty as I had a birthday discount code I needed to use which got me 15% off and thankfully Drunk Elephant is stocked on there so it was a win-win! I ended up going for The Littles 4.0 set which consisted of 8 mini versions of some of their staple skincare products, I decided on this set so I could have a try of as many bits as possible for as little as possible as their brand is high end so a little more on the pricier side. But then this gave me the option to faithfully splash a bit on some of their products knowing they work for me. This set was £76 which may seem pricey, but for 8 reasonably sized mini's I thought it was a great deal, especially with my discount code! And seeing as I was getting a bit of money knocked off, I also decided to purchase a body lotion, as I currently use the Vaseline Body Lotion which is great but again just wanted to try something new!

I bought this set just under two months ago, so thought I have given enough time using them to give a review. So I will be giving my honest review on each product and hopefully this helps anyone interested in delving into a bit of Drunk Elephant skincare.

Disclaimer - I have combination skin, so my experiences may differ to those with dry or oily skin types, but you can find so many reviews on the Cult Beauty website!

Serums & Oils

First up we have the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, this is a very light and hydrating serum and has really helped plump up my skin and make it look a lot healthier! It doesn't have a smell at all which I really like as I find sometimes when I have a moisturiser or serum with a strong fragrance it can be a little too much and sometimes irritate my skin. But Drunk Elephants products are all fragrance free, so the smells are all from the ingredients used which I love. I also use this sometimes before applying makeup and I have found it makes my makeup look a lot more flawless as my skin is hydrated and my foundation has a better base to be applied onto and also with this serum there is no part of my face thats dry so the foundation can't cling to that.

Next we have the T.L.C Framboos Glycol Night Serum, and this I feel was my favourite product out of the whole set. I apply this just before I go to bed, after I have cleansed and toned and when I wake up my skin feels a lot tighter and glowy and I also noticed my pores reduce massively which was a big problem I had with my skin. It is extremely pricey with it being £76 for a 30ml bottle, so thats a shame but it really is an amazing product and would definitely re-purchase in the future!

Then we have C-Firma Day Serum, this is a lovely Vitamin C serum and I tend to use this on no make-up days when I need a bit of glow to my skin. It is a very oily consistency but I really like it as it gives you that natural glowy look that I tend to struggle to achieve with just my skin on its own. A little goes a very long way and it lasts and absorbs throughout the day. Although I enjoyed this product, in terms of Vitamin C products I much prefer The Body Shops range and its a little more affordable too.

Lastly within serums and oils we have the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. Again this is really nice, gave your skin that healthy and glowy look. I have also mixed it in with my foundation to create a lighter and more dewy coverage and been enjoying the more no-makeup, makeup look. It's not really a product I have reached for out of all of them but it is a lovely product.


First out of the two moisturisers you get in the kit, we have the Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense. I have reached for this more recently as we've had amazing weather in the UK and the sun has been shining which means I need to protect my skin. I pop this on before we have been for walks and so far I am extremely impressed. It's a very thick consistency so a little goes a long way, but if your out in the sun for an extended period of time remember to keep re-applying like you would with any sun protectant. Again, theres no fragrance and it is really comfortable to wear throughout the day!

Then you get a small tub of Protein Polypeptide Cream, which is a lovely daily moisturiser. I tend to use this after I have cleansed in the morning and it soaks into the skin so quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It does say to use it morning and evening, but I only really use it in the morning as I have other products I use in the evening in my routine. Again, this was a lovely moisturiser but I do have others that I prefer to reach for more.

And then I did purchase a body lotion separate, so it wasn't included in the set. I bought the Sili Body Lotion as it stated it helped more so with dull and dry skin and that was what I was struggling with. But since using this I have seen a massive improvement on my skin all over my body, its very light which I love as I hate using very thick body moisturisers and being left feeling all sticky, and it smells like Battenberg cake which I have to admit I am kind of loving - haha! But they do different body lotions for different skin types so I'd definitely have a look into it if your interested in trying some out!

Cleanser & Eye Cream

In the kit you get a Best No.9 Jelly Cleanser, which I am now obsessed with! I use this morning and night with a silicone cleansing brush. I am now out of this as it was only a mini so I am going to order a full size for definite! I just notice a difference in my skin every time I use it, and it really helps pick up all that dirt and excess makeup off my skin that my cleansing water and cotton pads didn't. And its fragrance free so it doesn't irritate my skin at all, would definitely recommend.

Lastly we have C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, and this has done wonders brightening up my under eyes, and really keeps the eye area hydrated and looking healthy! I'm normally a bit sceptical with eye cream as I have tried a few and made hardly any difference, but I have really enjoyed this. And you only need a little bit and I apply this in my morning skincare routine and I still have quite a bit left in my mini so it lasts quite a while!

So there are my thoughts on the Drunk Elephant Mini 4.0 collection. It is a high end brand so their products are more on the pricier side but I personally think the products work so well, and I did enjoy using all of them. But feel the products I would definitely re-purchase is the Night Serum, the Jelly Cleanser & the Body Lotion as they were the products I enjoyed most and worked better with my skin and made a difference in my skincare routine.

I know that Drunk Elephant have recently released hair care products which I am definitely excited to try next within the brand! But always look out on Cult Beauty for offers & discounts as they always have different offers on and with the products being a little pricey its always good to save a bit of dollar - haha!

Thank you for reading! I hope this helped and I'll see you on the next one!

Amy Shipley

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