Wednesday 26 June 2019

Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation Review

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I think I have found my new all time favourite foundation, like I am actually obsessed with it and I of course wanted to share it with you! So, I needed a new foundation for my trip to Orlando, and I was mooching around in Superdrug when I came across the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation. I had never heard of this foundation before and I hadn't really heard anyone speaking about it before, but perhaps it had only just released. But what sold me on it initially was it had SPF 50, which was a big one for me as I was travelling to a very hot country, but its always great to have SPF in your foundation to prevent any sort of sun damage to your skin, no matter where you are. Also, it claimed to be full coverage but light weight, which intrigued me massively!
So without waffling on with how I came to behold my beloved foundation, lets get straight into that I think!

So I bought two shades in this foundation, one for my normal skin colour and another for when I get a bit of a tan. So I got the shades "warm nude" and "natural beige", and they are perfect for me, and while they don't have the largest shade range, which I am hoping they will add too, you can definitely achieve your desired shade my combining two of them, and I have loved the results of doing this myself!

The coverage is insane! The foundation has a very lightweight consistency, and you wouldn't think that this would be so full coverage with how thin and light it is. It doesn't look cakey at all, I think it actually gives you a radiant glow, enhancing your natural features, whilst covering those odd spots and redness, which again I wouldn't expect from a full coverage foundation - well to this extent anyway. Not only does it have amazing coverage but it lasts ALL day, I used this and only this when I was in Orlando and I wore it during the day to the parks. And if you know Orlando it's so so humid, and I expected it to come sliding off my face but it didn't! It stayed put without any touch ups at all - and that was in Orlando! And not once do I feel it on my face, you know when the feeling when you know you have lots of foundation on? Well with this, you simply forget that it's there - I absolutely love it! I have had so many compliments on my foundation, and I feel a lot more confident in it compared to other foundations I have absolutely loved in the past.

Another great point is that it has an SPF of 50! This was ideal when I was away, as I could use it to give me that bit of coverage on holiday without having to worry about the sun damaging my skin. But theres always a stigma where we only worry about skin damage when we're away on holiday, but even when the sun pops out here in the UK (which I know never happens - hehe) it's important to protect your skin. And if it's in your foundation that you use everyday - absolute bonus! There is always this thing about SPF foundations causing flashback in photos, and this one doesn't at all! Whilst we was away I was constantly being photographed in the parks and taking photos myself and never noticed once that my foundation was flashing back in photos.

The foundation comes in a compact little tube, perfect size for travelling with! It is a tube bottle, so you squeeze the product out, there isn't a pump or anything. I personally don't mind that, I think its a lot cleaner, and I simply just squeeze a little onto the back of my hand and off I go!
I use a brush to apply my foundation, I use a stippling motion rather than swiping the makeup around my face, as I feel I get the best finish and I don't loose any of the coverage and get an even application. I will be honest I haven't tried applying this foundation with a sponge, as I have been really enjoying the way I am doing it already. But with a sponge being known for absorbing extra product, I only assume that you'd lose the coverage aspect but I will have to try and see!

Now here's where it gets even more fab! All these foundation perks and it is so affordable, these foundations are currently £10.99 in Superdrug, and it's normally a similar price in Boots! I am just talking about retailers in the UK but its a drugstore foundation! But currently as I am writing this post, in Superdrug there is currently an offer where you can get two Maybelline products for £12 and this includes the foundation! So perfect if you need a couple of shades! Always keep an eye out for offers in Superdrug and Boots as there is always something - plus both stores do student discount of 10% which you can have off on top of your deals! Plus, they always up it to 15% or 20% every so often so take advantage if your a student as you can save that extra bit of dollar!

Left: Natural Beige Right: Warm Nude

I think I have covered everything! All in all, I think I would go as far as to say that this is my all time favourite foundation - and the best one I've tried in a while! I loved foundations from Giorgio Armani to Huda Beauty, but this one takes the number one spot for me! And being so affordable, you can't really complain. So I definitely recommend and say to must go and try it!

Thanks so much for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing about it and I hope if you've tried it that you absolutely love it! And I'll see you on the next post!

Superdrug website link to the Maybelline foundation!

Boots website link to the Maybelline foundation!
Amy Shipley

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