Monday 6 March 2017

My room tour

Hello all!
I thought I'd give you a look at my bedroom in todays blog post! My room is my space and I absolutely love it and I have recently had it done up so I love it even more! Ive gotten new furniture, wallpaper, accessories! I love homeware and interior design, and after doing my room up I love it even more! All I am waiting for now is a new carpet! And I have done it all for an afforable price, and some of the stuff I got for my room are so affordable. So I took a few pictures and I'll list as much of the furniture and accessories as I can throughout and leave links if I can. I hope you enjoy!

The wallpaper is from Wilkinsons, I really wanted to go for a green/natural theme for my room, so this was perfect and the best part is, that it has little spectacles of glitter throughout it. My bedding is from Asda Home, I thought it was very cute! And my drawers are from! I thought with the colour scheme I've chosen for my walls, that grey furniture would be really complimentary. 

Please excuse my organised mess, this has since been even more organised! This is where I keep my shoes and bits and bobs really. I think these little shelves are from B&M's but I got them a long time ago. And I used some hooks from Primark on the sides and I keep scalfes and dressing gowns etc. My lightbox is from New Look, I got it as a Christmas present and I think its so cute! And the little Pug was a gift from Build a Bear! Haha! 

My bed is a divan and is from Argos and the headboard is from! I absolutely love my bed, its so chic and most importantly very comfortable! And again i've kept my furniture to a grey theme. Bedside tables are also from Very, all my drawers and bedside tables are from the same range. And the lamps on my bedside tables are from Argos, they was only £18 each I think, and they're beautiful, with a cyrstal finish base and white lamp shade! Pillows on my bed are from Wilkinsons and the throw is from Primark, which is as soft as anything! Bedding again is from Asda but I will link all in the end.

Drawers are from Very again. I have a scratch-a-map on my wall that I got from Not On The Highstreet, which I love, as my one true life ambition is to travel to as many places as possible! My cute little pug ornament is from Asda, can you tell I love pugs? The lantern light is from B&M's I think. And the silver picture frame is from Wilkinsons!


Bedside cabinets - Click here!
Tall drawers - Click here!
Wide drawers - Click here!
Headboard - Click here!
Wallpaper - Click here!
Bed cushions - Click here!
Bedding - Click here!

I love my room! Its my space and its so cosy. And I love my open window, I have the most amazing view! By the way, my fairy lights under my window are from Ikea and so are my picture frames on my window sill. Also I have tried to link as many things as I could for you, so I hope it helps! I hope you enjoyed my little room tour. Let me know if you liked it!

Cyaaaaaaa 💩💃👽
Amy Shipley

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