Wednesday 8 May 2019

New Beginnings

Hello there,

I'm back after a few months of not writing on the blog! I have missed writing on my blog so so much and there is so much to catch you up on!

So, where have I been? Well, I have just finished my fourth and final year of University so I have been one stressed little lemon the past 6 months! With dissertations, portfolios, essays, the list is endless. But HURRAH I have finally finished all my work and I can finally say goodbye to University for good. I am so proud of myself for finishing everything as I have really struggled with aspects of my course, but relieved it is all over and I am excited with a few things I have lined up and the future in general!

LIFE. Life just gets in the way sometimes. I was working such long hours in a job that I absolutely hated and you just get into a robotic routine and its just a shit time really. But I am so thankful that I have gotten a brand new job that I am very excited to start, and I start an internship that will hopefully give me the boost to start my career. So yes, very excited, but also that this new job and internship gives me extra time to dedicate some TLC to my blog, because I absolutely love writing on here and I feel so excited to be back on it! 

Anyway, enough of the boo-hoo, I have also been up to some fabulous things! I went over to Singapore again for the New Year and had an amazing time. If you don't know my dad lives over there and has done for over 15 years, so I have been over quite a few times, it's like my second home away from home. Anyway, I spent the New Year with my Dad, his wife and my little brother Harry who is growing WAY too fast! I posted so many pictures on my Instagram so be sure to check it out! Anyway, I had an amazing time and I am so lucky to be able to call a gorgeous place such as Singapore my second home.

WE'RE OFF TO DISNEY! Yes, we (myself and my boyfriend) are once again off to Florida and I am so excited!! We are there from the 3rd June - 18th June and have so much planned including Disney of course, Universal, Busch Gardens, Daytona Beach - SO MUCH! I am so so excited, and it's such a lovely trip for both me and Oliver after the stress of my last year of University, and Oliver always works hard so it's a lovely treat for us both! I will be doing a full 'Travel Diaries' post when I return, and be sure to follow me on mainly Instagram as I will be posting lots of pictures and stories to keep up to date with!

So with all that said I am very excited to be back and writing on my blog. And as you can see my blog has had a makeover - I am absolutely in love with it and its all thanks to 'GEORGIALOU STUDIOS' - I bought one of her many gorgeous designs, and with my own customisations I am so so obsessed with how my blog now looks for its re-launch! I also got 10% off my design through signing up to her website, and her designs are super affordable! I will link her website below if your interested in sprucing up your blog. 

With all that said, thank you so much for reading this little post and I hope your as excited as I am for new posts and content. I have decided I will upload a new post every WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY. But be sure to follow my social media pages to keep up to date!

Thanks for reading and I'll speak to you on the next one.

Amy Shipley