Friday 8 September 2017

August Netflix Favourites

Hello again!
I thought it was about time I did an updated Netflix favourites for August, as so many different shows and movies have been released and I have powered through Netflix recently. And Netflix Original series and films have been killing it recently! If you want to have a nosy at my previous Netflix favourites I will link it here!
So without any further or do lets crack on!


Now I think everyone has buzzed over this series, it was one of the biggest releases on Netflix this year in my opinion. So I have watched this series and LOVE IT! It's about a man who gets heavily involved in gangs, money laundering and drugs, but he also has a family he has to protect. It is definitely one of them series where you have to watch the next episode and then the next and then the next and you find yourself having watched a whole series in an evening! I'm sure we can relate on that struggle. It stars Jason Bateman and I have really only seen him in comedies and seeing him in such a dramatic film and role was crazy, but he was amazing! His performance was spot on and I feel he was perfect for the role. It's simply a great watch, if your into dark and tense dramas it's perfect for you but I think everyone will love it! There is currently only one series with ten episodes.


I have been powering through Peaky Blinders again, ready for the new series set to be released soon. I have seen all the episodes in Peaky Blinders already but I have really been getting back into it. It is again based on a gang in 1919 and all the trouble they get into basically. But the main actor Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy Shelby is amazing, well firstly because he's gorgeous and his character is so sexy and just dangerous, like your typical bad boy but back in 1919. But his performance is phenomenal! And there is always something going on in this series, from fights, romance, death, and full on bad ass-ness! If that is even a word. But I think that it is definitely worth the watch, and it has three series already with series number four on the way very very soon! Which I am so so excited about!

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Let's talk about something a bit more uplifting! Rick and Morty is everything! I was skeptical before watching this as I didn't think I would find it funny and I just wasn't feeling it tbh. But I gave it a chance as a few people I knew were obsessed over it and I love Family Guy, American Dad and South Park etc, so thought why not. And now I know why everyone is obsessed it is absolutely hilarious! I cry with laughter every episode, it's so sarcastic and dry and that is literally me, haha! But Rick the scientist gives me life, I swear I want to be best friends with whoever created this show because they are insane yet amazing. But yes I 10000000% recommend you to watch this. In fact, watch this, and thank me later! 😉

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So I thought to finish off, I'd throw a film I really enjoyed recently in here. And that film is To The Bone. This film is a Netflix Original movie, and is based around the life of a girl named Ellen who suffers with anorexia nervosa. Now I did see on twitter that this movie got a lot of stick, as people thought this movie 'glamourised' anorexia, and would be very 'impressionable' to viewers, especially those of a younger age, but I don't think that's the case (and of course these are just my thoughts, I am not saying my thoughts are right). I think it brings attention and educates the general public on anorexia. But it is done in a light way if that makes any sense, like it has humour throughout to keep spirits high, as of course anorexia is not a positive subject. But I think Lily Collins did the film justice and delivered an excellent and respectable performance. And Keanu Reeves plays her doctor and he is fabulous, again he brings light to such a sad story and it makes a difference as you love the movie but your also educated in a light way. Of course there is parts which are very hard hitting and deep, but again I feel those types of scenes show the general public real life and educates them on certain things. But all in all I loved this movie, and would recommend to anyone! But prepare the tissues for happy and sad tears!

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Now, as you can probably tell I am into my dramas! I do love a drama! But they are my Netflix favourites from the past month or so. If you watch any of them let me know what you think and leave me some of your recommendations that you think I'd love!

Thankya for reading & I'll speak to you on the next one!

Amy x
Amy Shipley