Thursday 31 August 2017

Unicorn Highlighter First Impression & Swatches

Unicorn/rainbow highlighters were and still are one of the biggest makeup trends of 2017! And so many indie brands have brought them out, as a matter of fact it was an indie makeup brand who first brought this sparkly rainbow goodness into our lives. And then brands started bringing out their own, and I ♥︎ Makeup have brought out the 'Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter' which is simply magic in a little box, so I thought I'd do a little first impression.
So let's start with the packaging, its absolutely gorgeous, it's simple yet magical! I am all for holographic and iridescent, so this packaging is me all over and very unicorn like. It is also white and gold, which again is very much keeping with the unicorn theme and it even has a cute little unicorn on the front and back. The packaging is cardboard and very lightweight, it doesn't feel like the strongest packaging but for £4.99 I can't complain. And the actual highlighter is in plastic packaging and does feel very loose but has stayed in so far, I'd just say to be careful with it.
It is very similar looking packaging to the Two Faced 'Sweetheart Blushes & Bronzers', in fact they practically the same design. Which I am all for, as you can have that higher end makeup feel for a more reasonable price, but it's cute and I love it! Also the I ♥︎ Makeup blushes are packaged the same as this highlighter but just different colours and design, so this packaging is unique for the product!
The actual highlighter comes in a cute little box, again all white and holographic keeping with the theme, and on the back it shows you a little picture of the actual rainbow highlight.

Now onto the fun part! The highlighter! It looks absolutely beautiful, it has all the rainbow colours and they all look shimmery and glittery and lovely. I swatched each colour individually and you could definitely use individual colours to highlight and not all at once, but they all switched beautifully, they was pigmented and they actually looked like the colour in the pan and they was definitely blinding! Now I know, finger swatches are definitely different from a brush swatch, but don't worry, I tried it on the cheek with a highlighter brush, which I will show later on in the post. But back to my swatches, from them I also think you could definitely use them as eyeshadows too, obviously if you was wanting the more shimmery finish. 
So I took a picture of my swatches with my camera light which is the top image, and I took one in natural day light so you can see what they look like in different lights.

With camera light!

In natural light!

So that's swatches individually, which I was very impressed with! But then I swatched them all together, and it wasn't what I expected. You can only really see the blue and green tones, with hints on the other colours very subtly. And it didn't look the way I wanted it too or I thought it would, but like I said earlier, you apply highlighter with a brush and not fingers, well I don't anyway, so I am not feeling disheartened just yet! But again like I did earlier I pictured my swatches in day light and with my camera light. You can see a slight gradient with the colours but not as much as I thought.

Now it's time for the face test! So I applied the highlighter with a Morphe M510 and I used my sister Bronwyn as I wanted to see what it looked like on another person, with me applying it. Now I applied the highlighter to the brush and tapped of the excess, and there was a lot of excess, and the applied to the cheekbones. And I then took images again in daylight and with my camera light, so you can see the result in both. And I won't lie, I was very disappointed, it literally just looked like a white shimmery highlight, there is only slight colour when applying it but other than that, nothing. And as you can see from the images it looks so blocky and chalky, it looks like there's a white "v" around her eye. It is shimmery and is sort of a lovely shade, but maybe too shimmery and chunky? And there's no rainbow?!? I don't know if you need to build up the product or if I am using the wrong brush? Let me know if you have tried this? But overall my first impression is a little "meh". 

So overall, I love the idea and the theme with unicorns and all the holographicness. The packaging is adorable and practical and a dupe for the Two Faced 'Sweetheart' packaging. The actual highlighter is beautiful, the colours, the shimmer and I just enjoy looking at it. From individual finger swatches, the pigmentation was amazing, lovely colour payoff and they felt lovely, they're not the smoothest and most buttery formula but it is still lovely. I even would use them for eyeshadows as well as a highlighter. But then I applied to the cheeks with a brush and I was just a tad disappointed, there was no rainbow or even colour pay off at all, it just looks like a white/frosty shimmery highlighter, and you may be able to see slight colour in certain lights but not much. And it may be too pigmented, as it looks like a sort of white 'v' around my sisters eye. But this is a first impression so I will try it again with different brushes or using a different method and possibly building up the product. But all in all it's a cute product, just maybe doesn't work as well as other rainbow highlighters, but for £4.99 you can't complain. 
So I got this from Superdrug for £4.99 or £4.49 with UNiDAY's! And it's from the brand I ♥︎ MAKEUP, and they are very known for doing dupes of high end products, mainly 'Too Faced'. For example they have a 'Gold Chocolate Bar Palette' which is a dupe for the 'Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette' and I have both palettes and the 'I ♥︎ MAKEUP' version is actually amazing for the price and the shades are practically the same as the 'Too Faced' palette. And obviously the blushes I have mentioned throughout the post.

But those are my thoughts, let me know if you have tried it and if it worked for you! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and I'll see you on the next one.

Amy x
Amy Shipley

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