Monday 26 February 2018

My Current Bodyshop Favourites!

I absolutely love The Bodyshop products, for many reasons. I love how fresh and yummy they are, all the scents are lush and they simply make me happy, and make me feel good when I use them. All their products are cruelty free and the vast majority of them are vegan which is amazing! I also love the message behind the brand in relation to preventing animal cruelty/testing in the beauty industry. So with that being said, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Bodyshop products, from hair to body to makeup! And hopefully this may help anyone wanting to try anything from The Bodyshop and I'd also love to hear your favorite Bodyshop products and how they work for you! I will link all the products and prices at the bottom for you if you fancy a little shopping spree!
Lets start with hair! Now recently my hair has been very dry and dull, and I was really struggling to discover a shampoo and conditioner that would help with my hair. And recently The Bodyshop have brought out some new hair products with original Bodyshop scents! And they are lush. I have found mix and matching the shampoo and conditioner has been a life changer for my hair. So I use the 'Strawberry Shampoo' and this really helps give my hair a gorgeous shine and gloss, and of course my hair smells of the gorgeous strawberry scent, yummy! I will then follow that with the 'Fuji Green Tea Conditioner' which is amazing for giving my hair the hydration it needs and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. And again I love the scent, it's so fresh and yummy!

Now, SKINCARE! The Bodyshop skincare is probably the best and works best for me personally, I see results a lot more than other brands I have tried. So at the moment I am using a few products from the 'Seaweed' range, being the gel wash and the pore-cleansing exfoliator. I will use these products as part of my skin routine but use these when I am in the shower or bath. My skin is combination type, and find these products really help balance that out and keep my skin clear and controlled.

Now if I have a little pamper evening, I enjoy a face mask. And Bodyshop face masks are amazing and really do help your skin! They have various different masks, which all have different jobs, so depending on your desired outcome for your skin, is what face mask you use. My favorite ones are 'The Himalayan Charcoal Mask'. which is amazing for clearing your skin of any spots or problem areas, and giving your skin a glow! However I don't use this too often as it can dry out the skin a lot, which we don't want. Another is the 'Amazonian Acai Radiance Mask', I love this to brighten my skin and give my skin a wake up call, I love using this in the mornings especially or if my skin is looking a little 'bleh'. My last favorite is the 'British Rose Plumping Mask', again this is amazing for plumping and brightening the skin and giving life to the skin!

So after all that I will drench my skin with hydrating products. So I use the 'Vitamin E' products, including the toner, boost lotion, moisture serum and aqua boost sorbet.  So I will cleanse and tone and then hydrate with serums and sorbets. This range does amazing things for my skin, they keep me hydrated and help clear my skin of any problem areas alongside using the 'Seaweed' products to help with my combination skin. I just swear by Bodyshop skincare, it is a savior!

The Bodyshop body products are so amazing, they have a range of different scents which are so yum! And they leave you and your skin feeling amazing. So I love using the 'Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub' to help remove any dead skin and to help my skin feel super duper smooth! And these come in various different scents and my absolute favorite is 'Mango', oh it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling amazing. Also this product is amazing for getting off old fake tan, without damaging the skin too much. 

Another amazing product is the bath bombs, they released these around Christmas time and smell amazing! Pop these in your bath and they leave your skin feeling soft and you come out feeling refreshed and smelling amazing! They come in a variety of different scents and I don't think I have a bath without one, they are gorgeous. My personal favorite scents are the 'Strawberry' and 'Frosted Plum'. Nom.

Keeping your skin hydrated and smooth is key, so finding the right product for you is vital, as every ones skin is different. But I have been loving the 'Almond Milk and Honey Lotion', which smells amazing and is easy to work with and really helps hydrates the skin. It is very lightweight, so it doesn't have that heavy feel that some moisturizers can have. I also love using this on my body before self tanning, to help give an even look. Another moisturizer I love is the 'Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream', this is a new line from The Bodyshop and it smells beautiful! It's so fresh and yummy and simply lush. I use this to not only hydrate and help my skin, but to leave myself smelling amazing, as the scent lasts for ages. And finally I love the 'Coconut Body Milk', which is probably the most lightweight moisturizer they do or I have tried, this is amazing in warmer month (which isn't very much in the UK) hehe! Or on holidays, it smells amazing and keeps skin again very hydrated. 

Fragrances are very lovely from The Bodyshop, and I have a favorite day time and evening scent. My daytime scent is 'The Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss' fragrance, it is so fresh and yummy, it kind of reminds me of sweets/candy, but it is simply gorgeous, and it is from the same range as the Body Cream I was talking about earlier and is always in my handbag. And then for my evening scent, I am obsessed with 'The Swietenia' perfume. I can't explain the scent, but it is quite a deep floral but sexy smell, and I love it!

The Bodyshop has a broad range of makeup products and tools, so I thought it only be right that I share a few of my favorite products. I love the 'Insta Blur' primer, this is a silicone based primer, and is amazing at creating an amazing base on your face to create a flawless finish with your foundation. Then speaking of foundation, I love the 'Matte Clay Skin Foundation', it is medium to full coverage, and is a matte finish, so for anyone with very oily skin this will save your makeup routine! This foundation also has tea tree in it, so not only is it giving you amazing coverage but it is also helping your skin fight off any spots. Win win! I also love The Bodyshop Bronzer, it gives your skin that healthy glow and gorgeous sun kissed look! The Bodyshop Contour Kit is also amazing, as you have your contour, bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one little palette. They do come in different shades and all the colours are very pigmented and very beautiful on the skin. And like I said earlier, it is very travel friendly. And finally I have been loving the 'Shine Liquid Lip', and especially in the shade 'Orange Lollipop'. I have been loving bright colours recently, especially as we are going into the Spring time, and having a little shine on the lips too has been a real favorite of mine recently. There are a variety of shades and they are so comfortable to wear and smell amazing! 

So they are my current favorite Bodyshop products at the moment, I hope this has helped or inspired you to try a few new things from The Bodyshop. Let me know your favorite products and any recommendations you have for me! Like I said I will link every product I mentioned and prices at the bottom of this post. 
Thank you for reading and I will see you on the next one!

Amy x 


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Mango Sugar Scrub - CLICK HERE
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Almond, Milk and Honey Lotion - CLICK HERE
Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream - CLICK HERE
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