Thursday 12 September 2019

Travel Diaries - Prague

Hello again!

I'm back with another one of my travel diaries and this time I went to Prague! I know how much you guys love these posts and I absolutely love writing them, so I am so excited to be sharing another trip with you and all of my tips and tricks I have picked up. So again, I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it helps if your off to Prague soon yourself or your off on a city break, as I think you can use general tips I have mentioned in my previous city breaks travel diaries in majority of cities in Europe. So I'll stop babbling and crack on with the post!

Booking & Planning 

So I went to Prague with my friend Beth and we went for four nights, so we flew on Saturday 17th and came home on Wednesday 21st. I felt for me it was plenty of time to see majority of Prague and what it has to offer, but I definitely could've stayed longer as its such a beautiful city. We stayed in a hotel called Prague Centre Plaza which was around a 20 minute walk from the Old Town, which is the main tourist-y area, and it was a lovely hotel, did the job so to say haha! But I definitely would stay nearer to the Old Town next time as it would be a lot easier and you don't feel as far out, but it wasn't a big issue as I loved our hotel and was lovely. So where did I book it? Well we booked the trip as a package on a website called LOVEHOLIDAYS.COM and we got a complete bargain, we paid £300 for our hotel, flights with Easy Jet and return transfers from the airport! I loved this website as it seemed to have the best deals especially for city breaks so I would definitely recommend checking them out! It's so easy to work and find your dream holiday, and the best thing is if your short on cash and you find your dream trip, you can pay a small deposit to secure your trip and have up to 4 weeks before you fly to pay! I absolutely loved using this website and will definitely be using it in the future. But as I have always said in each of my travel diaries, always SHOP AROUND - as you can get some right bargains and the worst thing is paying for a trip you could've got for half the price. Bt if your interested in my tips on booking a city break or just a holiday in general on a budget - I have a whole blog post on it which I will link at the bottom!

The Old Town

The Old Town - this is the main tourist hot spot in Prague and majority of your trip will be spent here. It's a beautiful place and full of gorgeous buildings and rich history and is just visually stunning. Here you will find the famous Prague Astronomical Clock, in all honesty I had no idea what this was, but on our first day we walked into a mass crowd of people waiting to hear and watch the famous clock do its thing. It's worth stopping to watch as it is quite fascinating, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it if you get what I mean! But the Old Town is beautiful, so much to see, gorgeous little side streets, cute bars and cafes tucked away in such gorgeous hidden areas. I'm using so many adjectives but it's genuinely beautiful, haha! I'd definitely recommend saving a day or even just half a day to explore, as there is so much rich history. One thing we did is we went on the hop on and off tour buses, we paid just £15 for a 24 hour pass, and there is three different routes that stop off at various landmarks in and around Prague, its a great way to see lots and you can get off the bus, explore and hop back on to find more rich culture. Definitely recommend looking into this, as its also a cheap way to travel around whilst learning new things! Buzzing! My top shouts too see in and around the Old Town is to see the John Lennon wall, check out for the "man hanging out" statue, and definitely visit the Jewish corner as it's a lovely area and a great way to learn more into the Jewish history at Prague.

TOP TIP - For general travelling and getting about - USE UBER! Local cabs tend to charge triple the normal prices and if your saving money on getting around you have more money to put towards doing different activities and of course more to go towards beer!

Beer Museum and Sex Machine Museum 

I noticed in Prague they have a lot of museums and galleries, which was lovely. But we was mostly interested in the Beer Museum and the Sex Machine Museum! Haha! Both are located in the Old Town and they're both definitely worth a visit. The Sex Machine Museum, the name says it all really, absolutely mental but a great laugh and in a strange way quite interesting! Haha! Plus it wasn't expensive at all! The Beer Museum, absolutely loved it, I think there is a couple but we visited the one in the Old Town, really interesting and that but the real catch was the beer tasting! You get four to taste and they were fab and it was a great start for drinking really haha! And of course interesting to learn everything behind the scenes...but yes museums are a great pass time and there is quite a few dotted around from a chocolate museum to a museum all about Apple! So i'd definitely recommend to break up a day, plus they're not at all expensive.

TOP TIP - For some activities such as bar crawls or day trips, check websites such as Expedia or the companies own website to check prices, as you can match prices from online to what a rep quotes.


Prague Zoo

This would be probably my top recommendation for things to do in Prague. It's just outside of the main city centre, around a 20 minute drive and around £8-£10 in an Uber - i'd definitely recommend an Uber rather than a local cab, as you'll save so much money as local cabs tend to drastically over charge. I enjoyed Prague Zoo so much, first of all it was only £7 for entry so it's extremely affordable, and it was huge! It built upon mountains and your able to walk up the to the top of the zoo via pathways or you can pay just £1 to get a chair lift to the top, which I definitely recommend as you get some amazing views of Prague. I'd definitely go to the top of the zoo and work your way down, worked out so much better for us. There are so many animals and opportunities to get up close and personal with some of them, as they have various feeding sessions with animals such as giraffes and their farm animals. It's a full day out for sure and I would say the best zoo I have been to by far.

Ice Bar & Bar Crawls

Just outside the Old Town, you can find a few themed bars and one of them is the Ice Bar. I think it's a must do with any city trip to go to an Ice Bar as it's a fun thing to do to start off the night and most of all its an experience. Again wasn't expensive at all and you get a drink and 20 minutes in the Ice Bar and it's a great way to meet new people and get a couple of cute instas! Another thing we was going to do but didn't was a bar crawl, they have various different ones throughout the Old Town. We simply didn't have the time but they are reasonably cheap and they're a great way to meet people and a great way to get a night out started! The one that we saw was called Drunken Monkey and when we looked into it it was not expensive at all! I'll link their website here!


Food & Drinks

Food wise they have a wide variety of different cuisines, and so many great spots to grab some lunch or have a lovely sit down dinner. We found quite a few cute spots, one being an Italian in the Old Town called Pizzeria Giovanni and they do stunning pizza and past! Also the Fat Cat pub and brewery, they have their own beers which are really nice & the burgers are out of this world! If your after a nice drink, I'd definitely drink in one of the bars in the Old Town Square as its a beautiful atmosphere, but definitely keep it to a minimum as the drinks can be expensive in these bars.
And of course your not British if you don't have a drink in an Irish bar on your 'olidays! There are quite a few in Prague and a great place to stop if your out for drinks as the atmosphere is great and the drinks are so cheap! Majority of eating and drinking spots are located in The Old Town, well the best ones I'm aware of but there is more to Prague than the Old Town, we simply didn't have the time to venture out as we had limited time. To be honest we had so much more to see of the Old Town.

TOP TIP - Research your top things to do before you go, as majority of the time a city break is a lot shorter so you have to make the most of your time. And don't feel pressured to do everything as it's impossible to see all of a place in the space of a few days! But with a bit of research you can see the sites and do the activities that suit you more!


We went on a few nights out whilst in Prague and they was a proper laugh! So many great bars and clubs and to be honest I've never experienced a night out like it, but one thing is for sure, A NIGHT OUT IN PRAGUE IS SO CHEAP! My top bars/clubs are Cayote, One Club & Golden Tree Prague! But there is so many places and hidden gems, so I always say it's best to see where the night takes you and go with the flow as those are the best nights!

TOP TIP - Be-careful with your cash, always in general but especially on a night out, as the currency is a bit different to ours and you don't want to be over charged or short of change from a pint, so just try to be wary!

So I think that's my trip sort of wrapped up, I try my best to keep these travel diaries short and sweet but with enough information! One last point which I am asked about is how much money to take and my answer is it completely depends! On my trip I spent about £300 in spends, that's on food, activities, drinks etc - but everyone is different! But Prague is cheap so as long as your smart with your money you won't need that much and you'll still have a fun filled trip!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the piccies! If you have any questions in regards to this post or travel tips in general - feel free to dm me on Insta or Twitter!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the next one!

Amy Shipley


Ellie said...

I adore Prague! I went a year ago this week with my partner for our anniversary and it was such a special little city. The sex machine museum is such a laugh and i love the food in the city. I never got to the zoo though - I'll have to add it for next time!

Amalog said...

Prague looks beautiful. Would love to visit the city at some point. Your photos are amazing. I have seen a lot of photos of the old town and would love to see it in person. Thanks for sharing.


Mehsi said...

Ohhh, Prague looks gorgeous! I would love to visit it one day. My hubbie went there for a work convention a year or so ago, but he didn't have a lot of free walking time + he didn't make a lot of photos. I hope we can both visit it.

Thanks for this post. :)

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