Saturday 20 October 2018

My Autumn Make-up Bag

Hello my lovelies,
I haven't done a make-up post in such a long time and that makes me quite sad, so I thought what better than to write about what is in my current autumn make-up bag, as it has changed quite a bit since my last post and I am loving some new bits but also some have my all time favourites are still hanging on inside my make-up bag. I absolutely love autumn and winter, wearing cute jumpers and wrapping myself up in oversized scarves, and using all this gorgeous red and golden eyeshadows and wearing bold autumnal lip shades. So without further or do lets have a cit-chat!


So for my base I will first prep my skin before my make-up, and one of my favourites recently is using the "Dr.Botanics Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask". So I'll pop this on in the morning and let it sink into my skin for about 20 minutes before popping on my make-up. It really gives my skin that lovely glow and gives my skin that bit of moisture which is so important when wearing makeup all day. I don't use it everyday, more like every other day, but it is still a simple that I keep in my make-up bag! Funny fact, I actually discovered this product in my Birchbox, and that is why I love my Birchbox subscription, you can try all sorts of new bits! But also with this mask, you can put it on in the evening and leave it to sink in over night, and you wake up with the softest and most glow-y skin. Love it.
Also, to fill in pores to give me a more flawless base, I will pop on my trusty Benefit Pore-fessional and I love it. I'll pop this on my nose, forehead and around my mouth, and it just gives me a lovely smooth base to pop on my foundation. Cause we all want a flawless base! So I will then pop on my foundation!


I am all for trying new foundations, and I have fallen in love with a few, but I have gone back to one of my all time favourites which is the "Nars Sheer Glow Foundation". I absolutely love this foundation as I can pop a little on to give my skin the coverage and glow, but I can build up the coverage if I wanted too and it doesn't look cakey. And I am overall just loving the dewy and glow-y skin look. I am in the shade "Shamboli" and I got colour matched at my local Nars counter. I apply it with a brush rather than a sponge, as I feel I don't use as much product and I get a better result than what I do with a beauty blender.


So this a new discovery for me and that is the "IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Concealer" and I have been loving it. I picked up the shade "medium tan" so it would blend well with my foundation colour but still give me that brightness under the eyes that I want. As I personally am not into the harsh and defined contour and highlight really, not saying its bad because it does look so good, but I personally am not into it. So with the shade of this concealer it just subtly highlights where I want it too, and it is amazing as small amount goes a very long way, and the coverage is insane! I tend to pack it on and blend it with my finger, believe it or not! Haha! I find it blends better and looks better, but I would blend the edges into the foundation with my foundation brush. But definitely a very good purchase, it definitely lives up to its hype.


So, powder, it has and always will be the "Rimmel Stay Matte Powder". I absolutely love it and have done for years! It does the job, keeps my make-up in place, sorts out any shiny bits I get and I love it. It's literally like £3.99 and a staple in my make-up bag, no matter what the season. It isn't the best powder to use to get a full dewy skin look, but I lightly powder the t-zone and leave the rest of my skin and I use the shade "translucent".


So I was loving my "Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette" but I unfortunately hit pan on every shade. So I thought I want to try something different, so I have been using and loving the "Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit". I use it in the shade "light/medium" but they have other shades too. The kit comes with a trio of shades, one contour shade, one bronze/blusher shade and one highlight shade. And normally with these kind of kits I only use the contour shade and don't really bother with the other pans. I had a sleek one which was very similar to this one but I didn't like the blush and highlight shade so only used the contour shade, which seemed like such a waste. But I love every single pan in this kit, they're so warm and golden toned and that is very me. And its handy to have all three of those make-up items in one kit, especially when travelling or keeping in your on the go make-up bag. So yes, been loving this. And to make it even better it was so cheap, I think it was around £8.99.


So besides the bronzer in my kit that I have been loving, I again have gone back to another old favourite which is the "Rimmel Natural Bronzer" and I have mine in the shade "sun bronze". With me I love my warm tones, my bronze and I am not really a fan of anything other than that, so my style of make-up stays pretty similar all year round. And I have quite olive skin so I feel the warmer and bronze toned look suits me best. But I have been loving this product to keep up my sun-kissed tan look as I am still gripping on to my tan from Thailand. And I don't think I am ready to let go of it yet, haha! So I will dust this around my face, mainly on the high points of my face where I would naturally catch the sun. And this product does the job for me well, as its subtle but buildable, and again an absolute bargain at around £4.99. But the best thing about hughstreet make-up is that more than likely they'll have an offer, like 3-4-2 or B1G1 50% OFF, so you can try lots of products for not that much cost. I love it because you don't always need to spend a fortune.


I feel like "Revolution" and "Rimmel" are hogging my make-up bag but they kill it and I am loving them at the moment. And for my highlight I have been loving the "Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Palette" and I got the "gold" shade palette. The pans are huge, they are so so pigmented so a little bit goes a very long way. They are quite glittery so if that isn't your cuppa tea I wouldn't go for this, but they are blinding hlighlights, I love them and they have an array of shades for every skin tone. I do love me bronzed skin and a golden highlight. And again I think this kit was around £8.99 and it will last you a long long while!


So with eyebrows, I have been chopping and changing from powders to gels to nothing because I gave up, haha! But I have found my true love in an eyebrow product and that is again a Revolution product and it is their "Revolution Pro Brow Pomade" and it is un-real. I used to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade and I loved that, but would easily say that this one is better! The colour matches me perfectly, its easy to work with, and it stays put all day. And it gives me that bold and intense brow that I have always loved. Eyebrows are probably my favourite part when doing my make-up, not to do because they take me forever, but the finished product. Yassssss. So I use the shade "ebony" which is one of the darkest shades, but they do a wide range of colours. I use the Zoeva classic liner brush and they work like a match made in heaven. And the price just puts the cherry on top as I think its around £5.99. Bargain! And for my brow gel, I have been absolutely loving the "Beautaniq Beauty Fill and Tame Brow Gel" another Birchbox discovery. I have the shade "brunette" and it is slightly lighter than my brows, but I have been loving it as it adds highlight and dimension to my brows. It also keeps my brow hairs in place and stays put all day. Love!


So I have reached back for my "Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette" and I am loving some of the tones in this palette as we come into autumn and winter. It just screams autumn to me and they are such good quality shadows. I have been especially loving the shades "fling" which is a gorgeous foiled red shade, "blessed" which is a gorgeous foiled and muted gold shade, "trust fund" which is my favourite which is a glittery, foiled copper shade, its so stunning. Also the shade "Dubai" which is a foiled brown shade and looks stunning used in a smokey eye. I've also been loving the shades "henna" and "black truffle" which are a couple of matte shades in the palette, a gorgeous brown shade and a staple black shade. Love, love, love this palette. And I love that all my favourite shades are in one palette and I can use it for everyday wear and also a night out look. Can't go out for a gin and a boogy without sparkly eyelids. You can get this palette on Cult Beauty, but I got mine as a gift.


So in my everyday routine I use a black liquid liner, a black pencil liner and a skin coloured pencil. So I use the "L'oreal Ultra Precision Superliner" for my liquid liner, and I tend to just do a thin line along my eyelid, and if I'm feeling it, I'll do a little flick at the end, haha! The applicator makes it very easy to apply liner, as it can be quite tricky, and it stays in place all day and doesn't smudge. Been loving that recently. So next is pencil liners, now I have been struggling to find a good and trusty black liner. So I picked up the "Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Eyeliner", whoa that was a mouthful. But I have been loving it! For everyday I will just line under the upper lid, to intensify the liner and if I'm going all out or on a night out I will line the lower waterline, and I find it stays in place, doesn't smudge and is so so intense. And finally for everyday I love lining my lower waterline with my "MAC Technakohl Liner" and it is in the shade "risqué". And I love using this to brighten up my eyes and make them appear bigger, it's creamy and easy to apply and lasts all day! Love, love! Also, quick trick, I love using this and any other nude liners to tidy up my brows, as its precise and easy to blend out, and this particular liner is fab for that, I'll do this if I don't carve my brows with concealer.

Mascara and Lashes

So my mascara choices haven't changed I don't think. I am still loving my trusty "Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara" and my "Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara". I love my rimmel one for everyday as it gives me length and volume but is quite subtle and I love the brush. It lasts all day and you can build how intense you want your lashes without them looking clumpy. And is really affordable at around £7.99 and like I said earlier with brands like Rimmel they always have amazing offers on so you can include other bits in your purchase. And I have fallen in love with my "Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara". So much so I have had to use my travel size until I replace my full size! It makes my eyelashes look amazing, long and full and it stays put all day! It's a bit of a bugger to get off sometimes but I absolutely adore it! I prefer it over the rollerlash, and I loved that mascara. With mascara I always prefer a plastic brush, as I can get better results for me personally. I have quite long eyelashes naturally so I just love finding products that can enhance them to their fullest! So these two babies are staying put in my makeup bag! And for fake lashes I have been obsessed with the "Doll Beauty" in the style "Frenchie". I only wear lashes for like nights out or special event makeup, I don't wear them everyday, but when I do these are my go to lash! They're so comfortable to wear and you can re-use them over and over! They're very fluttery and long and I love that style lash. You can grab these in Topshop and they retail for £10.00 each, which I think is amazing, as you can re-use them so many times and they're amazing quality lashes! They do have so many other styles of lash, so there will be a pair for everyone!


I mentioned these products on my Insta a few days ago, and they are staying in my make-up bag for the foreseeable. I have been loving the "MAC Jamie Genevieve Lipstick", it is a stunning nude in a satin finish and I adore it. It is quite a pale nude so to define my lips I pair it with the "MAC Stripdown Lip Liner" which is a muted brown shade, and it gives me that 90's vibe and I am here for it. I've been loving this combo on my lips, and knowing that the lipstick is limited edition makes me want to buy as many as I can and ration it, haha! But nevertheless I am loving the 90's lip at the moment. But before I apply lipstick I will always scrub my lips and I am currently using the "Lush Lip Scrub" and its the minty flavour, just a quick tip as exfoliated lips apply lipstick so so much better. But definitely try and have a look at the Jamie Genevieve lipstick if you can because I know it's limited edition.

So that is my autumn make-up bag! I hope you enjoyed reading this short and sweet post and hopefully maybe given you some new products to give a whirl. Also because I know some people will ask but my Mickey Mouse make-up bag is from Primark and was only £5! It is so so adorable. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little make-up natter and I will see you on the next post!

Amy x 
Amy Shipley

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That max lip color is beautiful, I love an everyday blush lip. I'm not sure if we have Revolution here in the states but everyone speaks so highly of it that I want to try it out.

Erica Raquel