Wednesday 10 January 2018

18 goals for 2018..

So new year, new me. I'm only joking, I am happy with me but for 2018, a fresh new year, I thought i'd set myself a few goals. And 18 goals I thought would be quite fitting for 2018. A lot of them are your typical new year goals, however I thought they are things I genuinley want to achieve and would better myself. So without any further or do let's crack on.

  1. Be more active - so this goal isn't me signing my life away at a gym, because I absolutely hate the gym. But doing little things to make my life more active, like going on walks and walking everywhere in general, doing short at home exercises, stuff like this, but just being more active. 
  2. Be better with money - now, I have been terrible with money. As soon as I get it I have to spend it. And I have wasted so much money over the years. But I have recently gotten better, but there is still room for improvement. So I want to be a bit more better with money, as this year me and Oliver have started saving for a house and we are going travelling for a month. So my frugal saving head is on!
  3. Be on my phone less - I am addicted to my phone, I admit it. Even Oliver is at me for it. I am either stalking social media, on one of my many addictive games or just watching Youtube videos. And because I blog, I like to be on my phone, looking at other blogs or just keeping up to date with mine. But this year I want to take myself away from my phone a little. I think it would be good for me mentally. 
  4. Read/listen all the Harry Potter books - Harry Potter is everything. I have just been to Universal Studios in Florida where I geeked out in the Harry Potter worlds. I have read the books but literally when I was in primary/high school. So this year I want to re-read all of them. But I watched one of Helen Anderson's vlogs and she listened to all of them on Audible, so I may go ahead and do that!
  5. Work on my friendships - I have never been the best at keeping up communication with my friends and I can be quite useless, and I have been told this by all my friends, haha. But I feel recently I haven't tried hard enough with friendships, so this year I would like to work more and focus on all my friendships. 
  6. Be more tidy - Messy isn't the word when it comes to me. Actually, I am just untidy, like I will keep clean of course. But when I get ready there will be chaos everywhere, or I'll just dump a jacket on the floor instead of hanging it up. So just keeping tidy is a goal for me. 
  7. Plan a surprise trip for my mum - I won't say too much as I am unsure if she will read this, however, I would love to book a trip for my mum, I have somewhere in mind, but I just would love to do this as she deserves it. 
  8. Be more adventoruous with food - I am a very very fussy eater, and I am one of them where I'll be like "I don't like it", even though I haven't tried it. But since being with Oliver I have tried new things and branched out a bit more, but I would like to be even more adventurous this year, especially with my trip to Asia later this year. 
  9. Get my driving liscense - I have had lessons before and just didn't get on with my tutor. But I have passed my theory test and I am determined to pass my practical test this year finally! And get that driving liscense. 
  10. Eat better - Over Christmas I have eaten a lot, and a lot of that has been terrible. So this year I have joined Slimming World just because I want to shed a few pounds and be a little bit healthier. And so far I have enjoyed it and feel so refreshed. My goal is to lose 2 stone before my trip to Asia. 
  11. Have more date nights/date days - So this is an important one, as me and Oliver normally just sit in, watch a film, order a takeaway and that's it. Even though we go on the ocassional day out or meal out. I would like to do more date night and date days, as my spending time with him is my favourite. 
  12. Visit as many places as possible in Asia - I am so excited for this, so me and Oliver are going over to Asia for a month, through August. We are off to Singapore to see my Dad, his wife and my baby brother (they all live over there). Then we are jetting off to travel around Thailand and Vietnam. And we are literally backpacking and going with the flow. I am so excited and want to go and see as many places as I possibly can. 
  13. Blog more - this is plain and simple, I want to put more time aside and blog. I love writing and speaking through my writing, about anything and everything I am excited about. I am a full time student and work part time and then full time when I am not in uni. But yeah, I will blog more this year. 
  14. Drink less - as part of my health kick this year I want to cut down my drinking. When I drink, I DRINK. It is a joke. But it is fun I will admit. But I will still drink and have a boogie, I just want to cut that down. And not only will it benefit my health but also my bank account, haha. 
  15. Start saving for a house - so me and Oliver are wanting to start to save for a house. It will take us a couple of years but it will be worth the wait. We have already opened a help to buy isa and started to save, so this goal is technically complete already, but my goal is to commit to save. I am sure I will but wanted to put it as a goal regardless. 
  16. See as many places as possible - this ties in to my previous goal, but with this one, it doesn't have to be far away places, I would love to see more places in europe and the UK, so I am off to Poland in March and down to Kent in April, and possibly Edinburgh for Christmas but yeah, I would love too see as many new places as possible. 
  17. Improve my cooking skills - now with my new healthy eating I am starting to cook more and find new recipies but I would like to improve my skills and be able to cook a wide range of dishes.
  18. Do more for me - this is my last and very broad goal. And it is simply to do more for me, and that can be in any aspect, and I think it's important to put yourself first and do things for you. 

So there are my 18 goals for 2018! What are some of yours? Do you relate to any of mine? But I am so happy to be back blogging again, as I just love writing my posts and it's something that makes me very happy. So yeah, all that mush a side, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Amy x 
Amy Shipley

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