Thursday 23 November 2017

Technic - Prism Collection Swatches & Review

Hello again, it is me. And I am very much obsessed with everything holographic, glittery and irridescent, and this Technic Prism collection speaks to me on so many levels. So first things first, Technic is a very affordable makeup brand based in the UK, they are an award winning brand and most importantly they are cruelty free and vegan! Which is amazing! They also sell everything from cosmetics to nail polishes to makeup brushes.
So I am here to chat about the gorgeous Prism collection, they say the collection is designed for you to sparkle and glisten, which is certainly correct, its very sparkly and glittery and amazing! Can you tell I love sparkles? Hehehe.

So I am not sure if I have the entire collection, I think I am missing one shade on the "unicorn creams" and the rainbow highlighter, but I have majority of it. And i'd first like to point out that I have been trying these products for over a couple of weeks before I wrote this review.
So first, I got all these products from T.K.MAXX and they was so affordable. I really do recommend having a mooch at the cosmetics in T.K.MAXX you can find some unique brands and brands for an affordable price. Oh, and if your wondering, T.K.MAXX is a UK store where you can purchase items from certain brands for a discounted price. But back to the collection, I got all of my products for around £20 which is amazing for the amount of things I got. But are they worth it? Do they work?

So first up we have the 'Unicorn Strobe Cream' in the bronze tone 'Shine Bright', and it has that purple irridescent look to it and it is stunning. You can wear this under your foundation for that extra glowy look, or you can use it as a base for an even more poppin' highlight. Personally I love using just a little bit of this under my foundation, especially with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, this just adds that extra bronzey, dewy look to your foundation look. And I am in love, and especially for the price too, I am sure I only paid around £3.99 for this.

Along with the highlighter theme, I got a the 'Unicorn Horns Highlighter Stick' in the shade 'Flash'. And this too is beautiful, it is a champagne gold shade with gorgeous irridescent purple tones running through it, which is very fitting with the collections theme. Its a gorgeous highlight base, well this is what I use it for. It's creamy and very pigmented and easy to work with. I just pop a bit of the product on my finger, and pat it on the top of my cheekbones, and I will then go on top of that with my powder highlighter. And again, I think I paid around £2-£3 for this, and it works great and is very affordable.

Moving onto the powder highlight palette, this is a gorgeous palette. These are four baked highlighters and they are all different shades and I have found different finishes. The finishes of these highlighters are very much glittery/irridescent, so if your not into that sort of finish, these may not be for you. So we have 'Fairy Sparkle Dust' in the top left of the palette, which is a gorgeous glittery highlight, an irridescent white shade with green reflects and glitter running through it. Very gorgeous on the cheekbones and my favourite in the palette. Next is 'Cosmic Cotton Candy' which looks bronzey in the pan, but is actually more of a bronzey/rosey shade, lots of pinky glitter and reflects running through it, very pretty, and also I have used these as eyeshadows and this shade in particular is gorgeous on the lid. Next is 'Solar Sister' which is the bronzey shade, and is perfect for popping over a matte bronzer perhaps to give your skin that extra glow. And would also look gorgeous on darker skin tones for a glittery/irridescent highlight. And finally we have the shade 'Goddess Of The Galaxy'. Which is a very irridescent white highlight with purple reflects and glitter running through, again a very gorgeous shade, but I personally use this more to highlight my inner corners, as it really does brighten and look stunning.
But all these shades are gorgeous, I do think that there is a shade for everyone and all shades can be used for different things, they look pretty on the cheeks, eyes, lips, anywhere you want! I love this product, again I think I paid around £4.99 for this and it's just lush and I definitely reccommend.

From left - 'Goddess of the Galaxy' - 'Solar Sister' - 'Cosmic Cotton Candy' - 'Fairy Sparkle Dust'
Now, I am not a gloss gal, I'll admit right now. But these glosses are gorgeous. These are the 'Galatic Glosses' and I have the shades 'Kiss My Sparkles' and 'Ariel 4 Eric'. Can we just take a moment to appriciate how cute all the product names are!
Now 'Kiss My Sparkles' is a very irridescent blue shade with a very glittery and glisteny finish. It has glitter running through it, but it really pops on the lips. They aren't too sticky and they're comfortable to wear. Pigmentation is amazing and they smell insane, I can't put my finger on it, on what the smell reminds me off but they smell great! 'Ariel 4 Eric' is more of a purple shade, very irridesent with glitter running through, pretty much the same finish as 'Kiss My Sparkles' just a different shade. And there is one other shade called 'Aurora' which is more of an irridescent green shade, but I couldn't get my hands on it. But I loved these glosses and I think they were around £1.99 each, which is amaze, but whether or not your brave enough to incorporate a blue glittery gloss into your makeup routine is up to you hun!

And finally, I have the 'Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadows' and I have the goldy shade called 'Etheral' and the more white irridescent shade 'Celestial'. And I wasn't really a fan of these I am afraid. I think the shades are beautiful, I just didn't find them the easiest to work with, they had a very thin consistency which I struggled to work with. But gorgeous shades, I love the concept of them, I just personally couldn't work with them. 

All in all I loved this collection, I loved the concept, the packaging, the names, everything. And I think for the price point your really getting some gorgeous products. Like I said all of this came to around £20 which is amazing for the amount of products I have. However you cannot get Technic products from their website, but there are certain websites that sell it and I got mine from T.K.MAXX and I have seen Technic products in makeup stores and stalls in my local area, so just have a mooch around.

Well I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet review, and let me know if you end up trying any of these products! And have a look at the collection for yourself and other Technic products!

Link to the Technic Prism Collection

Speak soon!

Amy x  
Amy Shipley

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