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My everyday makeup must-haves!

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I thought it was about time I did an updated post on my everyday makeup products, and products I think are a must have in any makeup bag! Some of the products are the same, but there is a sneaky few new products that I have been absolutely loving recently, and they have made it into my makeup bag! So without any further or do lets jump straight into it!

All about that base!

So base, its the most important step as its what you build your makeup on! So firstly I will prep my skin by spraying some 'Vitamin C Energising Face Mist' all over my face, this wakes me up especially if its early in the morning and it makes my skin look instantly alive and bright, and it's giving my skin the vitamins it needs. I will then follow that with the 'Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer' and this again helps make my skin look healthy and gives it a natural glow, which is the base I want to start putting my makeup on, and I'm giving my skin some tender loving care in the process. These are both products from the Bodyshop and they're super affordable, I love skincare from there, its one of my faves!

Prime, Cover & Conceal

For primer I have been loving the 'Elf Hydrating Face Primer', I don't always use primer as I normally prep with my Bodyshop products but if I do, I will turn to this. It literally does what it says on the bottle, it hydrates the skin and brings it to life, and its lovely to build on with foundation and concealer. I finally got my hands on it as E.L.F is now stocked in Superdrug! So I am excited to try more products from them!

So next is foundation, and I have found a new favourite everyday one and it is the 'Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation' and it is lush! I find I have a better result with this foundation when applying with a beauty blender rather than a brush but the result with a brush is still okay. It's quite a thick consistency and medium to full coverage which I love, I am a full coverage queen as they say! It only cost me £13 from Beauty Bay and it's simply fab for the price, to me it definitely feels like a high end foundation. The only problem I have with it, is that I have combination skin, so when my skin is quite oily, I find I need to top up on powder more, so for people with oily skin tones it may not be for you, but for how much I love it, I don't mind taking that extra 30 seconds to top up on my powder. And my colour is 'Sand Beige' but that colour is when I am tanned and 99.9% of the time I am tanned..haha!

For concealer I am still loving my 'L.A. Girl Pro Conceal', it's just an amazing product! It gives me the coverage I need when I have them very dark under eye days, we've all been there! And it really brightens up my under eye and makes me look alive and bright! I use two shades, I have 'Creamy Beige' for my actual skin tone and 'Light Ivory' for when I want to do a bright, Kim K under eye highlight. It's long-lasting and doesn't crease on me, and the best part is, that it's only £5! Such an amazing price for a gorgeous concealer. Another concealer I have been loving, and have been for a long time actually is the 'Maybelline Anti Age Eraser Eye'. Wow that was a mouthful! But this concealer is gorgeous, it gives great coverage and is a lovely consistency, and great to work with for everyday. I use the lightest shade as I normally only use this product for a night out when I am doing a bright highlighted look, but I do enjoy it for everyday to brighten up my skin. It's only £8 from Superdrug or Boots which I think is a bardingo! Both a definite staple for me, I love love LOVE!

Lets lock it in!

The next step is powder, because we want to keep all our base in place! So I have been using and probably always will be using the 'Rimmel Stay Matte Powder' to set all my face, and it's just brilliant, it doesn't look cakey and keeps my makeup in place for a long time, I may need to touch up during the day at some point, but that's okay for me. But it's cheap, cheerful and does the job! I think it's £3.99 from Boots or Superdrug, or it's around that price, and it lasts forever! Like, I have had mine for over a year I'm sure! But I love love love! But I'm sure everyone has this in their makeup bag. Oh, and I use the translucent shade, but if you want that bit of extra coverage, try a powder in an actual skin shade. 

Then for under the eyes, or to 'bake' my concealer/highlight, I have recently been loving the new 'Revolution Banana Powder', which is definitely a dupe for the 'Ben Nye Banana Powder'. But I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I have fell in love. I much prefer using a yellow based powder for under the eye to help brighten and make me look well bright, haha! I normally use the yellow powder from my 'Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette' but this is fab! It definitely brightens under the eye, doesn't crease and makes my concealer/highlight last. It was only around £6 from Superdrug which is amazing. Oh and in Superdrug if your a student and have UNiDAY's, you can get 10% off which is amazing! But I thought I'd throw that in there! Anyway, back to powder, the only negative I have for this is the packaging, it can just get so messy when using it and the lid isn't big enough to tip powder into to work with. But other than that, I love! 

Carve those cheeks and highlight to the heavens!

For my contouring, I am still using my 'Kat Von D Shade and Highlight Palette'. It's just my go to and I have tried other contouring products but nothing has compared. The formula is just so smooth, easy to work with and the shades are so perfect for giving that natural shade when contouring. As I have found some contouring products I have used are very orange based and that's not a good look, well for me anyway. But all in all the palette just gives me the natural shaded look with only little product, and I just simply love it. The palette also comes with highlight shades, which I do use under the eyes, or to sharpen my contour, and they too are lovely. You have so many shades to get the right look for you, so I will never get bored!

Bronzer, I keep it matte, I am a matte type of gal! And again, Hoola is still my go to when I am wanting to feel bronzed and golden. It's a lovely shade, easy to work with and such a good formula, and I know that a lot of people find it too dark for them, but I have always been okay with it as I have a darker more olive skin tone. But it's amazing they've brought out a 'Hoola Lite', but it would be way too light for me. So if you want to try 'Hoola' and your not sure if on which 'Hoola' is best for you, just pop into a benefit stand and they will help you! But back to what I was saying, I love using this, it's my all time favourite and I don't think I'd get bored. I think they cost around £25, but it will last you for such a long time and it's so so worth it.

Now I love my highlights, and I have way too many. But I have to say my go to everyday highlight is the 'Guilded Honey Highlighter' from Laura Geller, oh my gosh it's simply stunning. I am a warm toned and golden kind of girl, so I love my more bronzy and golden highlighters and this is just heaven in a pan. It's so blinding and gives my skin that glow and lift, if you know what I mean. I love applying my highlight with the 'Morphe M510' as it packs on my highlight amazingly. On a night out I will be even more extra and wet my brush and apply the highlight, and my goodness, it's beautiful! I have had mine for so long and I am no where near hitting pan, so one will last you forever! I got mine from Debenhams for around £20 I think. But so so stunning!

Brows & Eyes

I have found a new product for my brows, and its from Revolution again, and its their 'Dip Brow Pomade'. Again, I'd say a dupe for the famous 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow', which I have tried and loved! But this one is lovely, the colour is perfect for my brows, it's easy to work with and a little goes a very long way. But I'd be careful when using it, take your time and build your brows, as it can be very intense. I love a strong and bold brow so this is perfect for me, so if you too are a bold brow gal, then this could be perfect to you. It's very long lasting and smudge proof which is amazing, as I went trampolining the other day, and wore this and my brows were not moving and I was full on sweating! But I have only been using it a few weeks so I am still going to trial it for longer, but do I think it's as good as ABH? No, but it's an amazing and very close dupe for sure! And only £5 from Superdrug! I am really loving Revolution makeup at the moment!

I then set those brows in place, with my tried and trusted 'L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper'. Again this is the same favourite as last time, as it's amazing! It tints my brows as well as keeping them in place and I can get that feathered front of brow look with this product by brushing the hairs upwards, and they stay there! I also use this on no makeup days just to give my poor little sparse brows that va-va voom! 

For my eyeshadow, on a day to day, I don't wear too much. I'll normally sweep a warm brown shade through my crease and wear a golden shimmer shade on my lids and thats it. But I am always turning to my 'Morphe 35O Palette', its gorgeous and the shades are right up my street, warm and golden! The formula of Morphe shadows are stunning, they're so creamy and pigmented and easy to work with and I have fell in love with them, so much I have bought other palettes! But I have swatched and highlighted the shades I always reach for day to day.

Eyeliner, I don't really wear it as much anymore, as I was always about that jet black wing day to day! But I have been loving brown eyeliner, I find it too look so much more natural and sultry even and it compliments my warm toned eyes a lot more. The one I have been loving is the 'Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner', it's pigmented, long-lasting and I love the pen applicator. It's just like a big felt tip and I find it very easy to apply eyeliner with this product. I use the shade 'Forest Brown' and have fell in love truly with brown eyeliner, to say how much I was into my jet black liquid eyeliner. Again a cheap and cheerful product that does the job perfectly, as it was only around £4-£5, again from Superdrug or Boots. 

Now, my favourite part of makeup and that is mascara! I love mascara, I just think it pulls a look together and it's just magical! Now I have tried a lot of mascaras and I mean a lot and the 'L'oreal Paradise Extatic' has got to be one of my all time favourites and my current favourite. I just love the way it makes my lashes look long and full and just amazing and I love the brush, its sort of chunky but with little bristles to really catch every lash and coat them! I know this mascara went crazy on the internet and for good reason as it is lush! And only around £9, I would say definitely worth the hype and definitely worth the buy!

So that is my updated everyday makeup must haves, I hope you enjoyed reading and possibly been inspired to try some new products! Oh and just a quick note, I don't really wear lipstick, I normally just pop a lip balm on, but if I wear one it would be 'MAC Velvet Teddy' as it a my lips but better shade and love the matte look and it lasts. But generally I will just pop a lip balm on.

But anyway that is all, let me know if you tried any of the products I mentioned, or leave a comment if you have any recommendations for me, I love trying new things. 
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See you on the next one!

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Amy Shipley

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