Tuesday 1 August 2017

JACLYN HILL X MORPE Palette - review and swatches!

Well, here it is..the most anticipated palette of the year! Jaclyn Hill, well known for her beauty channel on Youtube has teamed up with makeup brand Morphe Brushes to create her own eyeshadow palette, and it's finally here after nearly 2 years in the making! Jaclyn has collabed with Morphe before to create a palette of her favourite Morphe eyeshadows, so she choose already created Morphe shadows and put all her favourites in one palette, so this palette is all her own shadows that she has designed and created.

It consists of a variety of eyeshadow formulas, from matte to shimmers to foiled to glitters, theres a shadow for everyone! And the colour range is stunning, they're all mostly warm tones, but theres a few cool tones, so something for every skin tone! And there are so many looks you can create from this one palette. As you can see below, I have included the shades with the names, this is the first Morphe palette to have individual names for each shade. However, thet aren't on the actual palette, the names are on a card that comes with the palette.

Let's talk about the palette its self, it is a white and silver colour theme, which is very different as the normal morphe palette is black, but it looks gorgeous! Also the normal Morphe palette is plastic and the Jaclyn Hill palette is made out of like card or cardboard material. One thing I don't like about this palette is that it is made out of this card like material so when the eyeshadow falls out it stains very easily, so it doesn't take long for your palette to look grubby which I am not a fan of. I have other Morphe palettes and they are very easy to wipe down as theyr'e made out of plastic. But I love the idea of white and silver as it looks chic and is the look for Jaclyn Hill but it simply isn't the most pratical to keep clean and looking as it is when it first arrives.

I got this palette on the first day it launched on the Morphe website, it cost me around £50 including the palette and shipping, as it is coming from America. The palette itself retails for $38. And for that price even though the shadows are amazing, I think they could've improved the packaging, made it a little bit more pratical. And I wish, wish that the names were printed on the actual palette also.

As you can see, the shadow names are above, but I have swatched all the shimmers, mattes and pops of colours down below and they all felt amazing. They're so buttery and creamy and pigmented as hell and so easy to work with. And literally every swatch is one swipe of the eyeshadow, the pigmentation is insane, I can't get over it! On the pop of colours I did a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right, as it's important to see how well they pack on with a brush as well as a finger. I used the Zoeva 234 luxe smokey shader incase anyone was interested, but simply a flat brush. And they worked amazing with both finger and brush, the pigmentation was the same, and they both blended beautifully. There was slight fall out when swatching with both fingers and brush, but that I expected with how highly pigmented they are. And from experience with using them on the eye there may be slight fall out but can easily be swept away, or a top tip is to bake under the eye with a loose powder and that will then catch fall out eyeshadow and you can sweep away! Apart from that, I have been using this palette daily and I can tell you that every shade is stunning, they blend like a dream and are so pigmented, it takes not effort at all to create your perfect look!

If you haven't realised already, they're insanley pigmented!

So let's have a round up! I absolutely love this palette, the colours are amazing and there are such a variety of shades and tones. They are beautiful to work with, and they do have fall out but I expect that with the pigmentation of the shadows. I obviously was eager to buy this palette as I follow Jaclyn Hill, I have watched her for years, and was so excited as a fan to try her new product, so I could see how people who don't follow her may see this as "just another eyeshadow palette". I think the price is fair but obviously it isn't the best paying so much to ship over to the UK, but I am sure it will be available on Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay at some point in the future, when the hype dies down so to say. You can create so many looks with this palette, but there is other Morphe palettes that you could get similar shades to this in. But you'd most likely have to purchase numerous palettes to get all the similar shades. But, but..they won't be Jaclyn Hills! Haha! 
The only pet peeve I have is the packaging, it may be beautiful to look at but it doesn't stay that way, obviously its made out of cardboard material, so stains and gets grubby easy, and I wouldn't want to travel with it incase of damage. And as a top tip, many Youtubers have codes to knock money off Morphe orders, so using them could save you a few quid!

Well that was my short and sweet review on the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette, I hope this helped you decide wether to follow the whispers in your ear to try this palette and let me know how you get on with it as everyone has different experiences with products!
Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the next one!

Amy x 
Amy Shipley

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