Wednesday 19 April 2017

Sister tag - ft. my sister Bronwyn!

Hey everyone!
I thought today I'd do something a bit different, and do the sister tag with my younger sister Bronwyn! I just grabbed some of the questions off the internet, and it was a lot of fun! Bronwyn is a cool gal! So I hope you enjoy!

Who is the eldest?

A-I am the eldest, I am 20! 

B-I'm 15.

What was the last text you sent each other?

A-I sent Bronwyn a text saying "don't get them dirty girl!!!" as she was borrowing my brand new white converse!!

B-I text her telling her I was wearing her converse! Hahaha!

What do you like and hate about your siblings?

A-That she constantly takes my clothes and shoes without asking! But I like how much banter we have. Hahaha!

B-I hate it when you wear my jeans and you stretch them because your legs are longer than mine! Meaning my skinny jeans turn into a pair of boyfriend jeans. I love that we have the same sense of humour.

What do you and your siblings have in common?

A-We pratically look exactly the same, just Bron has ginger hair. 

B-We laugh at practically the same things, we're both hilarious, ngl.

What’s your funniest memory?

A-When we taught our 7 year old sister Erynn to twerk and slutdrop. We was crying laughing for so so long!

B-Me and Amy had to share a bed when we went to Singapore, and one night Amy went out on a piss up, she got back and was throwing up everywhere so drunk, and she was just being hilarious. I was laughing at her though, not with her!

Most memorable argument?

A-Everytime she steals something of mine, but we are best friends like 5 minutes later!

B-I pushed Amy into the bathroom on holiday in Spain, she slipped on a towel and banged her head on the bath, she wasn't happy! 

What do you and your sibling(s) do for fun?

A-We are both so lazy, so we discuss what we watch on Netflix for fun! Hahaha! Ru Pauls Drag Race all the way!

B-Yeah pretty much that. I LOVE NETFLIX!

Describe each other in three words

A-Dramatic, hilarious and witty.

B-Moody, piss funny and straight talking.

Have you ever liked one of their friends?

A-No because they're babies! That'd be wrong! Haha!


What’s something that annoys you about the other one?

A-How dramatic she is, its ridiculous!

B-How easy she goes in a mood!

Who keeps a cleaner room?

A-Me, ofc.

B-Me, Amy just hides her mess!

What is something weird that you eat?

A-Supernoodle butties, I love em!

B-I am so fussy with food, there's nothing weird I eat!

How long does it take your sister to get dressed?

A-Bron is actually quite quick at getting ready.


What does your sister/brother think about the most?

A-Ru Pauls Drag Race! 


Who reads more?

A-Me, but I don't read a lot!

B-I'm failing English at school! That's all i'm saying.

Who is the most talented?

A-Bron definitely, she does everything! Dance, acting, sports, she dances round the house! I'm the least talented person ever!

B-Me, ngl.

What’s your favorite makeup brand?

A-I can't choose! I love too many!

B-Mine has to be Benefit at the moment!

What is your brother/sister really bad at?

A-School, hahaha!

B-Driving, she still hasn't passed! 

Nicknames you have for each other?

A/B-CYAK! It's a long story! Hahaha!

Last thing you talked about?

A-Wi-fi password hahaha!

B-Netflix, all time!

Are you close?



What is the one dish you want mum to make you when you feel down?

A-Her bolegnese! It's the best!

B-Home made pizza. I loveeeeeee pizza!

What’s a weird habit of yours?

A-Picking mascara off my eyelashes, it's so bad!

B-I just bend everywhere, but I don't know I'm doing it!

Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”

A-My best friend!

Amy Shipley

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