Monday 24 April 2017


Oh my goodness! I finally got my hands on the highly popular Jeffree Star and Manny MUA collab, and I thought I'd share my thoughts and just discuss makeup with you! So without any further or do lets jump into it!

So this collab launched in April and both Jeffree and Manny are beauty gurus on Youtube! They both have huge followings and have done many videos together in recent months and are just friendship goals in my opinion! Jeffree has his own makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and he announced that he would be collabing with Manny to create a brand new highlighter and two liquid lipsticks. The highlighter is called "Eclipse", and they brought out a nudey/brown shade of liquid lipstick called "Daddy" which is the one in the picture above, they then brought out a muted red shade called "I'm shook", and they're all such cute names! Now I only have "Eclipse" highlighter and "Daddy" liquid lipstick, as I thought I don't wear bright lips really, so the other liquid lip wasn't for me. But I am a nude lip kinda girl so "Daddy" screamed out to me! 

First of all let's talk about the packaging! Its stunning! Jeffree Star's usual packaging is all pink, but he does change up the packaging for certain collections, and for this collab they went for this gorgeous matte black packaging for the highlighter and the same black packaging for the liquid lip, with the holographic font. And I am living for it! But he still has his statement pink on the sticker underneath each products where it tells you the name and such. The highlighter is huge too! So your getting so much for your money, and you get a lot of liquid lip too, so you are 100% getting your moneys worth of product. But I am the biggest fan of the holographic font! I love love love holographic so this just lived up for me!

Now the most important thing to talk about. Is it good? Is it worth the money? And all I will say is, MOST DEFINITELY! I have tried Jeffree's liquid lips before and loved them, and this one was no different! They're so comfortable to wear, they don't budge, I wore it on a night out recently and I put it on at around 6pm and it was still on at 2am! They're a matte finish but they're not drying! One thing I did find is that the colour it came out on my lips looks a little different from what it looks like in the bottle but I still loved it. But all in all I loved it! And the wand is so uniquely shaped, so that you can fill in your lips without lip liner, I overlined my lips with just the liquid lip wand! The highlighter blinds my life, it's beautiful! Its a sort of cool tone champagne shade and its so so beautiful! A little goes a long way, I apply my highlight with a morphe brush and it looks stunning on the cheek. And with the size of the pan, I know it'll be in my makeup bag for a long time! All in all I am so so happy with these products and I am happy I finally got my hands on them.

Let's talk about where we can grab these amazing products! I know when this collab was released that they had an exclusive bundle on his website where you got all three products for a discounted price, but they sold out in minutes! But in the USA you can get all products on his website and I think Morphe's website! But here in the UK you can grab them on Beauty Bay, and the highlighter is £25.50 and the liquid lipsticks are £16 each. But honestly they are so worth the money! I will definitely be buying more Jeffree Star products! That's another thing, here in the UK on Beauty Bay they're the only retailers to sell his brand and they sell all his products, not just this collab.

Well all in all, I love my products and I highly recommend them to you guys! Let me know what you think if you've already tried them, and if you haven't let me know if you get your hands on one of the collab products. Thanks again for reading! And I'll be back soon with another post.
Cyaaaaaaaaaa! 💋💫👄

Amy Shipley

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