Wednesday 1 February 2017

Morphe Morphe Morphe!

Morphe is such a well known brand and is often so hard to get a hold of a product from them as they're most of the time completely sold out.

But finally I have got my hands on a couple of palletes and joined the hype! And oh how I am so glad I joined the hype.
I got the Morphe 35F & 35O palettes and the 9B blush palette from Cult Beauty. They were £23.50 each for the eye palettes and £21 for the blush palette. And honestly I think the prices are amazing for the quality and quantity you get.

I'll be honest when I see a eyeshadow palette with so many shadows and at such a cheap price I always think, the quality musn't be that good, however thats definitely not the case for this palette, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour range is to die for, you can create so many different looks from just one palette.

And the best thing about Morphe is that they have so many palettes to choose from, you could get any from a bold colour one to a neutral one.

So lets get to looking at the palettes individually. Lets start with my favourite the Morphe 35F (Fall into Frost palette). This palette just screams Autumn and if your into your golds and burgundys, this palette is for you!

Morphe 35F Palette

The thing I love about this palette is you have all your shimmer shades and you have a row of matte shades at the bottom, so you have all your transition shades and your shimmers to create some amazing looks. The shadows are so so pigmented, especially the shimmers. When I swatched the shadows, I hardly touched the eyeshadow pan, and it was one swipe! And I know that swatches are different to how they apply on the eye, but I guarantee you that they are just as pigmented when applied to the eye. They're so easy to apply and to blend, they blend like a dream. I will show you a few eye looks I have come up with in a future blog post. But this palette is by far my favourite. And the ones I swatched are some of my favesssss.

Morphe 35O Palette

The Morphe Palette hype was based around this very palette. If you love warm tones, then you will love this palette. It hasn't got that many shimmer shades but they have brought out a palette that is the same as the 35O but all the shades are shimmer. But still I do love this palette, I love my warm tones, the colours are amaze-balls and so is the pigmentation and blendibility.

Lastly we have the 9B blush palette. Now I have never been a blush person, but I do love the shades and I find they apply so well and actually suit me. Now they are very pigmented so you have to have a light hand when applying these shades. But yeah I love them, and again you have such an array of shades to go with any look in just one palette. They also have different colour blush shades so check them out!

At the moment I do know that the UK stockists for Morphe (Cult Beauty & Beauty Bay) they are currently out of stock of all the palettes I believe. However on Cult Beauty they do have a waitlist and you will be e-mailed as soon as they come back in stock.
Overall I love these Morphe palettes, and I cannot wait to try other products in the line. I do want to try their concealer!

Thankyou for reading! Leave a comment on your thoughts on Morphe or these palettes.
Speak soon!

Amy Shipley

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